Multiplication by Addition

I added a few things to my schedule last week.  I added a corporate prayer time at church once a month and Small Group once a week.

Like everyone else’s, my schedule is such that adding anything requires that I take something away.  In each instance I felt a pang of regret to lose the time I had given to other things in order to add these to my schedule.  Yet after each, I was so glad I did. 

There is an interesting life giving dynamic to corporate prayer and fellowship.  I can’t think of a time when no matter how tired I felt at the beginning of corporate prayer, that I didn’t leave that time energized and encouraged.  Similarly, spending time with a Small Group in a corporate sharing of what Jesus is doing in each of our lives, gives me a broader and deeper perspective on the loving actions of God that energizes and encourages me.  The blessings I receive from making time for corporate prayer and Small Group far outweigh the sacrifices I make to add them. 

I am thankful that even though I can forget how good these are, being a part of our church keeps me involved in things that multiply the blessings of God in my life. 

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