You’re Doing What?

I wonder how many times the disciples were asked that question as they told their friends where Jesus was taking them.  I wonder how many times they asked that question among themselves when Jesus was vague about their destination. I wonder how many times each disciple thought to himself; “What am I doing?” as he followed Jesus. 

I hope it was a lot because I certainly ask those questions a lot, and the implications of my journey with Jesus has not been nearly as risky as the followers of Jesus in the New Testament.  The experiences of the New Testament followers of Jesus were adventuresome to say the least.  Mine are once again taking that form.

A lot has happened in the 5 years since I became the Sr. Pastor of a church.  Much of it has been turbulent. Yet, through all the turmoil Jesus, the builder of the Church, has been putting together an unlikely band of surprisingly adventuresome people and He is leading us deeper into the adventure of following Him. 

The Bible shows us is that when a group of people join the adventure of following Jesus at least three things happen.

  1. They gain a deeper and more personal relationship with God because getting in over their heads makes them more dependent on God, more focused on God, and therefore more aware of the personal presence of God.

  2. They experience the joy that comes from being personally involved in the things that God says are most important.

  3. They grow closer together because in looking to what is bigger than all of them, they look past the things that divide them. 

As C.S. Lewis wrote in The Four Loves:

“Friendship must be about something… Those who have nothing can share nothing, those who are going nowhere can have no fellow travelers. 

It is my hope that this blog will serve as a travel log where we can record and remember our experiences as fellow travelers on the adventure that God has set before us.

3 Responses to “You’re Doing What?”

  • Lisa Baker:

    will look forward to following your blog…great first entry! really enjoyed looking at your “bookshelf”…is the book on Philippians a really deeper theological treatment, or is it lighter would you say? why would you recommend IT over all the other books on Philippians? take care friend!

    • phil:

      The Philippians book was taken from sermons by Martyn Lloyd-Jones which are deep, but they are not technical. They are deep spiritually and easy to read.

  • Hilary:

    Phil, found your website off of facebook and look forward to reading more from you! Thanks for this reminder…I’ve asked myself “What am I doing?” more times than I’d care to admit in the last few months since moving to Africa, so this is an encouragement for me, thanks!
    Hilary (VanDine)

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