Church Life

God Sightings

Several years ago, God began to stir the hearts of the people at Hill Country Bible Church Southwest to join Jesus in the ministry He was doing in the lives of the people of our community.  The Holy Spirit worked in our church to strengthen our desire bless our city with the grace, truth, and love of Jesus.  This work of God in our Church became especially evident when, with our lease coming to an end in November 2010, the Elders and Staff began praying that God would move our church to the place where we could be the most effective in joining Him in His mission to bless our city.

As we prayed for God’s guidance for our future church home, a team of people was formed to explore possible locations ranging from office space to local schools.  As we prayed our way through this process, God grew in us the desire to meet in a school because of the way that neighborhood schools are places that reflect and shape the heart of the community they serve.  As we pursued different school options, both private and public, one school, Boone Elementary stood out surprisingly as a unique opportunity that God had put before us.

As we sought to discern God’s direction as to the best way to join Him in serving Boone the Elders committed to a time of prayer and fasting as they sought God’s will and direction.  The Staff, Elders, and their wives met together to discuss and pray about the possibilities for future church home and timing God had for us. Some concerns were raised, and yet everyone was unanimous in belief that moving our Sunday worship services to Boone Elementary would be the best way for us to join God in blessing our city with the grace, truth, and love of Jesus.

Almost immediately after that decision was made, God began to raise up people to serve in the new opportunities that He had made available to us.  People came forward with a desire to serve our church; with transition planning, with liaison work, with logistics, with set-up and tear down, with financial gifts for the school, and many more.  God also began to show us very practical and tangible ways that we could bless the faculty, teachers, and students in ways that ranged from helping with landscaping and mowing to paying PTA dues.

Through this entire process God had made his direction and His presence evident and I want to record as much as we can of what we have seen God do.  I wnat all of us to be able to be encouraged by what Od has been doing in our midst. What I would like you to do is to add comments to this post recording any of the ways you have see God at work in and through His leading us to Boone so we can rejoice together in God’s goodness to us.

Multiplication by Addition

I added a few things to my schedule last week.  I added a corporate prayer time at church once a month and Small Group once a week.

Like everyone else’s, my schedule is such that adding anything requires that I take something away.  In each instance I felt a pang of regret to lose the time I had given to other things in order to add these to my schedule.  Yet after each, I was so glad I did. 

There is an interesting life giving dynamic to corporate prayer and fellowship.  I can’t think of a time when no matter how tired I felt at the beginning of corporate prayer, that I didn’t leave that time energized and encouraged.  Similarly, spending time with a Small Group in a corporate sharing of what Jesus is doing in each of our lives, gives me a broader and deeper perspective on the loving actions of God that energizes and encourages me.  The blessings I receive from making time for corporate prayer and Small Group far outweigh the sacrifices I make to add them. 

I am thankful that even though I can forget how good these are, being a part of our church keeps me involved in things that multiply the blessings of God in my life.